Policy Committee

Marc Bascou

Honorary General  
conservator of the .
Louvre Museum, Paris

Anne Facérias

President of the association
Diaconie de la Beauté

Joseph-Antoine d'Ornano

Painter and writer.
Former senior official at the Ministry of Culture

Pr. Jonathan Shimony

Painter and sculptor.
Professor of History of Art
American University of Paris

Pr. Deborah Jenner

Art History Professor at the Centre Saint Charles (Paris-1 Sorbonne) and American Business School in Paris.

Jean-Marc Simon

Ambassadeur de France.
Member of the Overseas Academy of Sciences

Pr. Katia Buffetrille

Ethnologist and Tibetologist
School of High Studies,

Gaële de La Brosse

Writer, editor and journalist for the weekly "Pèlerin". Co-founder of the magazine "Chemins d'étoiles"

Ghaleb Bencheikh

Theologian, philosopher.
President of the World Conference of Religions for Peace

Xavier Guézou

Co-founder and general delegate,
Institute of Higher Studies of the Religious World (lHEMR), Paris

Gérard Kurkdjian

Musician, writer and producer.
Co-founder and advisor of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music 

Charles Personnaz

Civil Administrator, rapporteur at the Court of Auditors.
Project Manager for L'Œuvre d'Orient

Management and Coordination

Yoshie Araki

Coordination Japon

Jacky Kooken

Arts plastiques

Yann Zarzelli

Music Programming

Marc Higonnet


Alexandre Indjic

Performing Arts

Céli Koma

Public relations & press